Friday, July 31, 2009

What adhesive will bond brick to wood?

I am attempting to put edging on a flower bed. I want to use landscape timbers and brick for the back "wall". Am I going to have to bolt them together or is there an adhesive i can use? the first level will be timbers only then I will be mixing the second and third like 1 foot timber, a brick then 3 foot of timber and2 bricks and so on for about 6 feet,threeto four levels high. thanks

What adhesive will bond brick to wood?
Drill 1/2" holes through the timbers, use 1/2" reinforcing bar, cut to length, drive it through the bottom row into the ground, each successive row into the row below, use construction glue to hold the bricks in place
Reply:liquid nails works well!!
Reply:There is a web site called Go there they should help.
Reply:2 part epoxy
Reply:Liquid Nail should do the trick. You can get it at any home improvement store. You'll also need a caulking gun to use it.
Reply:liquid nail
Reply:Buy a caulk gun, and lot of "Liquid Nails'. That stuff will bond just about anything, including brick to wood, and it will stand the test of time. just make sure you use enough of it when applying...don't be skimpy. It's a little expensive, but it's the Best!
Reply:Liquid Nails very good and it will work for you.


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